The Projects Module

The Projects Module (Available in Sage 50 Accounts Professional)

Create a record to hold all the relevant information for your project.  The module has the following tabs, please see the list below with a brief description of each: -

Give your project a unique reference, name and description and then choose the project status.  In here you can also add the expected start and end dates of the project.  In this tab you will also enter the customer and site details.

Here is a full breakdown of the amount you’ve billed your customer so far, total budget value, revenue totals, different types of analysis for reporting and cost totals.
The activity window shows all transactions posted to a project.

Lists all cost codes and you can enter a budget for each one.  This information updates the project record.  You can analyze the actual costs against budgets for each project, cost type and cost code in Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

If you have a project made up of a number of projects in the Structure window you can view and amend the structure of a project and any associated sub-projects.

In the Memo tab you can enter text on the record and attach document shortcuts and filing system references using the Document Manager facility.

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