PaperLess for Sage 50

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Maximise the potential of your Sage 50 Accounts package with PaperLess. PaperLess software allows you to improve productivity levels and processing speeds through the automation of the entire document management process.

PaperLess manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents to processing them in your accounting software.

Automatic Invoice Recognition

Reduce time lost in manual data entry with our powerful Automatic Invoice Recognition with 80% average success rate.

Documents directly linked to transactions in your accounting software.

Look-up documents directly from you accounting software. PaperLess enables you to automatically link all documents to your transactions… what better way of keeping your documents well organized.

Powerful Document Flow Features

Get invoices approved quickly by using PaperLess workflows both for invoices and for any other type of document you wish to send on flow.

Secure Online Access

No matter where you are, with PaperLess secure remote access you, your clients and employees can have all data available at the click of a button… all it takes is an internet connection.

Complete Audit Trail of the Document Approval Process

Get easy access to the complete audit trail of your document approval process. With PaperLess software you can have the documents, accounting information and the audit trail of the document approval at the distance of a look-up button.

Powerful search features in PaperLess Accounting Archive

Never lose paperwork and find all your documents in seconds with PaperLess Accounting archive powerful search features. The experience of more than 15 years on the market gave PaperLess the know-how to develop a powerful tool that gives accountants and finance professionals access to whatever documents they need in a matter of seconds.

Simple, Smart and Secure

Quick and easy installation and training… so easy deploy throughout your business.

PaperLess in a nutshell from PaperLess Software Europe Ltd on Vimeo.